Spring is here

I’m back…

So as you all know now if you read yesterday’s post, is that I recently moved and started a new job. Let me tell you about it and how I got here.

The job is an opportunity that had come around in November 2014. I was interested, I interviewed for the role, and I was offered the job. Yet, I declined the offer. I just did not feel compelled to leave. Which is strange, because at the time I was feeling overwhelmed at work and very unappreciated. Instead of jumping on the next ship out, I decided to press on, continued to work hard, travel across the country several times a year, and never complained.

In January 2015, during my performance review I asked for a raise. (Yes, ladies we need to do this more!) My boss asked me how much of an increase I was looking for and I said 20-25%. Sound steep? Well, I was honest. And I used the same language that was used in my review to back up my request: I’m a valuable part of the team and due to my leadership our talent programs have grown 110% and gained popularity on the street and with our Board of Directors.” Months later, yes months, my manager called me and excitedly declared that she was pleased to let me know that I had received a 5% (yes, you read that right) increase. Thanks, my mouth said. You will regret this, I said with my work.

I worked harder than ever and got more done in the next four months than most people did all year. Yes, I am tooting my own horn. (Ladies, we have to do more of that too in our careers.) I also started going on interviews though. By October 2015 I had received two job offers and had one pending. After I accepted one offer, I got a call for an interview with my now current employer in Washington, D.C. and well as they say, the rest is history.

I remember when I gave my notice… it was the scariest feeling. Was I sure? Was I giving up something that I would regret? What about my work bff’s, my mentor, and all the relationships I had? What if my new co-workers were not as nice? What if no one liked me? I’m starting all over. I have credibility where I am-now I will be the new girl. These were all the thoughts that filled my mind on a daily basis! Yet, when I finally talked with my manager I felt… relief. And that is when I knew I was making the right decision, because I was not happy. I was… settling. My manager did not take it well yet she seemed to understand when she calmly said, “I figured this would happen soon, just not this soon.” Contrary to the popular two week notice, I stuck around that joint for SEVEN weeks! And I hustled.

I cleaned out my house- attic, garage, closets… I gave away and threw away so much. I then, packed up everything I wanted to take with me. Then, I started looking for a place to live, traveling to VA, DC, and MD to look at different places. Once I found “the one,” I put my house up for rent and scouted for a tenant. Once I had that lease signed, I sold my furniture and booked movers. And on the Sunday after New Year’s 2016, after church, I drove down to my new, yet temporary home.

I felt weird at first…almost like I could not believe that I did it. I left a good job, my house, my church, my family… Who does that?

Between all the unpacking, online shopping, and decorating that I did in the first few weeks, I realized that I hadn’t told anyone outside of my immediate circle that I moved! Which is so strange because I know so many people here. I went to college here. I got my first internship and first REAL job here. You would think that I would want to reach out and catch up. Nope. *Shrugs* Not to say that I am not interested in re-connecting with old friends, I just wanted to stay to myself. I had to find a new groove, learn my way around, and just let myself adjust to this new life I was now creating for not only me but my son and help him adjust too. Though he was not happy to be leaving his friends at school, (what 12 year old would be?) some of which he had known since he was in daycare– he has been such a trooper.

Now, we are both slowly coming out of our shells; venturing out and making friends. Blame it on Spring… either way, I think this will be good.


4 thoughts on “Spring is here

  1. Congratulations!! Yay!! I’ll follow your blog. I started an inspirational blog as well, so we definitely have to continue to encourage one another. I was encouraged reading yours. I believe you will be encouraged as well reading mine. Hit me up, as my husband and I live in Woodbridge, Va.


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