Kick the bucket (list)

ImageSo I am not one for bucket lists- there are plenty of things that I would like to do but there isn’t anything that I truly feel I absolutely MUST do before I leave this earth. If I get to visit (insert exotic location here)- great. If I don’t- oh well.

What matters more to me however, is being sure to NEVER do certain things as long as I live. I know you are to “never say never,” yet I just cannot see myself and hope to God that He keeps me from EVER doing these things at all or (for some) ever again. Call it my anti-bucket list.


#10- Bungee-jump, sky-dive, hang-glide or any high-flying activity. I am not a daredevil and am not at all adventurous. Racing my 10 year old son through our backyard is enough action for me.

#9- Become a workaholic. I have to keep telling myself this, especially now as I have the most demanding and high exposure role that I have ever had in my career. I have to remind myself that while ambition is good and while I enjoy what I do, it CANNOT. BECOME. MY. LIFE.  Sometimes the work blackberry- well actually iphone (yes, my job upgraded me) has to be turned off or left at home. It is hard. I have not been able to leave my work cell at home when I go on vacation.  YET. However, I have mastered the art of delegation and am able to quickly forward emails that continue to flow in from that same individual even after they get my out of office auto-response, to someone else.

#8- Like Beyonce. Or Kobe Bryant. I have respect for their talent and their individual successes. But, there is just something about these two individuals that rubs me the wrong way and I just do not fancy them much.

#7- Cut my hair. Ever again. Seven years ago my hair was almost waist-length and I got the “bright” idea to cut it, thinking “it’s just hair, it will grow back.” Now, my hair is a little past my shoulders. Nowhere near my length of 7 years ago. Seven years is a long time to wait. But, I must admit I cut it two more times after that, so that’s my fault. My bad.

#6- Go camping. No way. No how. Not ever. I am not an outdoors person. I do not like grass, dirt, mud, bugs, leaves, rocks, fields, forests, woods, trees, etc. Sorry. I just don’t. I barely like mowing my lawn (hence why I had a floating deck built in my backyard- so I could mow less). So, yeah. No camping. Ever. (Don’t know what a floating deck is? Click here)

#5- Lie to myself. This is a lofty goal. But, one I have gotten better at over time. I remember spending a lot of time lying to myself when it came to relationships and even jobs. When you know someone or something is not right for you (not just romantically) do not kid yourself into thinking that things will change or get better. Acknowledge the truth and move on.

#4- Smoke. Nope. No interest. Smoking kills. I like living.

#3- Settle. Life is short. The Word says that our lives are just a vapor… (James 4:14) therefore, I do not have time to waste settling on a job, a relationship, a house, a meal, etc.  Do not settle for less than what you want or deserve to have. However, I will still be grateful for where I am in life and what God has given me. It is a fine balance, I know. But it is so important to know that while it is OK to want better- better yet, God’s best, we should still appreciate what IS, as it could all be taken away at any time- within a moment’s notice.

#2- Broadcast my problems to the world at large. And I cannot stand when people do that. I think FB statutes should have a character limit like Twitter. It is so out of hand. I want to just say, take that stuff to Jesus and leave the rest of us alone. Everyone has problems. EVERYONE. Why burden unsuspecting people with yours? FB and other social media is supposed to be for leisure and entertainment. I do not find your drama entertaining. Knock it off. Get like me and DON’T. DO.IT.

#1- Turn away from God. I will not ever do it. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not crazy! God has done too much for me to ever turn back. I owe Him my life. Literally.

So there you have it folks, my anti-bucket list. Sorta serious, a lil silly, all for real. You will not catch me doing any of the above. How about you? What things will you NEVER do?  Share or comment below!

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