Always Remember

Today is a day of solemn reflection. Twelve years ago, thousands of lives came to an abrupt end and those who loved them had their lives torn apart. The confidence of this nation was shaken and to this day many people do not feel “safe,” will not get on an airplane, go into an elevator, or work in a high-rise building.

September 11 was a tragic day and today many people will reflect and remember… will pray… will have a moment of silence and in their own way “show respect.”  Today, people will do good deeds and make donations. Today, news outlets will air chilling stories, interview relatives, and give their tributes. Headlines will say “Remembering 9/11.” Today.

Then tomorrow will be September 12th. And in two weeks, September 25th. Will we all remember then?

It is great to have a day to commemorate…but some things should always be remembered and some people should always be honored.

The many brave men and women who performed search and rescue on that faithful day; risking their lives, and some even losing it. The children and teachers that were on one of the planes… the business men and women who arrived to work thinking it would be just another day… the families who were terrified for hours or days when they could not reach their loved ones just to see if they were OK…the bodies that were never found.

They are not just names carved in stone at the Ground Zero Memorial. They were neighbors, co-workers, church members, friends, siblings, and parents to someone. They were just like you. Just like me. Could have been us.. Remember THAT, but don’t wait for the date or designated day of observance. Always remember. Because there are many out there who will truly never be able to forget.

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