A Letter to Me…

We all know that hindsight is 20/20. Some of us have regrets, shoulda coulda woulda’s, and maybe even wish “someone” would have warned us about someone or something or some choice we made in life.

Once I hit 30, I looked back on everything I had been through and wondered how different things may or may not be today if I would have chosen a different path at various points in my journey. Sure I would have wanted to avoid heartache, disappointment, and the pain from betrayal. Sure I would love to have saved more money and would have started saving earlier, sure I would have waited to start a family, sure I would have rather not got in that relationship. Yet, as the scripture says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose…” {Romans 8:28} so the troubles, the stresses of life, and even my bad choices, have all been worked together for my good. They have made me the person and woman I am today. They have given me the testimony that I can share with those who need to hear it and may be blessed or encouraged by it.

Still though, if I could write a letter to myself, when I was at the age when I knew it all (or so I thought) and knew what  I wanted to do with my life (or so I thought) there are so many things I would want my 19-year-old self to know. So, here it goes….

Dear 19 yr old Me-

1)      Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, if it feels like trouble, it is.

2)      Love is many things. It is even painful at times. It is NOT selfish. The man who tells you he loves you, but wants you all to himself and even asks you to turn your back on family does NOT love you. Leave him.

3)      Let me expound on that painful part about love. Some will tell you that love is not supposed to hurt. This is simply not true. God loved us so that He sent His Son to die. Jesus loves us so He endured the pain and suffering of being beaten and mocked and put to death ALL because of LOVE! Loves does hurt sometimes. Yet in the end Love wins, it never fails. So don’t walk away from that man because he hurt your feelings in that argument. Look at his heart. Watch how he LOVES you. Stay.

4)      Set your standards and stick to them. Do not waver, do not compromise, and do not apologize to anyone for them.

5)      Stop arguing with your Mother. She is not the enemy. She actually loves you more than anyone else on this planet. I know you don’t understand her and it will be a long time until you do. Lol

6)      You are stunning. Know that regardless of who is or who isn’t checking for you.

7)      Some relationships AND friendships have an expiration date.  See the day approaching. Don’t wait until things turn sour.

8)      Be honest. Even when it hurts. Especially with yourself.

9)      Dyeing your hair orange/blonde is NOT a good look.

10)   Please stop ordering nuggets AND a cheeseburger AND a shake AND apple pie every trip to McDonald’s. Seriously. You will not be 110 lbs forever.

11)   People will disappoint you. Accept it now so you don’t have to cry about it later.

12)   Throw all those credit cards in the trash, except for ONE and save it for emergencies only!

13)   Learn from your mistakes. Really learn and do things differently.

14)   Chase after God now and do not let go. Your relationship with Him will be the most important one of your life. Without Him, nothing else matters. You may hear all the “old folk” say it and it may sound cliché yet it is absolutely true.

I love you.


So, how about you? What would you tell the you  5, 10, or 15 years ago?

9 thoughts on “A Letter to Me…

  1. Anonymous

    That was so powerful. I’m not sure which one I liked the most, outside of #14. You saved the best for last.

    # 7 reflects such sage words. Many people, even in church, hold onto dead relationships.
    #5 I can really appreciate, as a mother.
    #9 Oh how true. Funny, but true
    #4, #1, Oh, it’s all good.
    Looking forward to my book.


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