Come out, come out whoever you are…

Today, the only thing people pay attention to are FB statuses, tweets, and how many likes your pics get on Instagram. People are more attached to their phones and tablets and less attuned to their surroundings and relationships. Their FB friends become their “Fam” and they share their most inner thoughts and feelings with their Twitter followers while leaving their relatives and significant others out in the cold. Never mentioning to them or even discussing with them in person the things they have posted or tweeted. And, if you dare unfriend or block Aunt Sara or your latest fling they shouldn’t take it personally because “it’s just it’s not real life.”

Except it is. Isn’t it?

Or, are we all posers and pretending to check in at airports, hotels, restaurants, and grandma’s house? Are our pictures of vacations, graduations, and weddings all photoshopped? Are those not real places and faces? Am I not really engaged to xxx Facebook user and are my political views not conservative and do I not live in NJ and work at XYZ organization? If I do, then how can I or anyone say that it is just anything but real?

It is your life out on display for the world to see. It is the first impression you make on thousands (or even millions) of people you may never physically meet. Your @ (mention) is an introductory handshake. Your FB status, a conversation starter. And the longer you are a part of these social networks the more you allow people to get to know you and establish a reputation with them and the world.

Sure, you only talk about what you ate for dinner every night last week, what you did over the weekend, who you spent your birthday with, and what trimester of pregnancy you’re in. Yeah, just intimate details of your life. It’s not real at all! 

But then, as your Google+ circles increased, it became easier to pretend to be open and honest than to actually be open and honest. Now you front and mix in a little of “real life.”

You post a pic of yourself popping bottles at KOD but won’t tweet that you can’t pay your electric bill this month.

You have a girlfriend but your profile says single. Or, you’re dating Brenda but all over Instagram are pictures of you and Mandy. Boo’ed up.

Either your profile is a lie or…you are a liar. (And for the example above, a cheater. But I digress…)

Your mySpace page is as fake as God’s twitter account. (Yes, @theTweetof God exists)

And you know it. Rather than admit it, you cop out and say “it’s just FaceBook, it doesn’t mean anything.” Right. Lie to me. Lie to yourself. But don’t believe yourself. Please.

Fact is, your social networking site of choice is everything. You’re on it when you wake up, when you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, standing in line at the grocery store, and sitting at the traffic light. You’re on it when you’re bored. Hungry. Lonely.It’s as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth.It’s real. You just aren’t.

But there is a solution to this bind you got yourself in.  Just be who you are or be who you pretend to be. It’s really that simple. The trouble and confusion lies (no pun intended) when you try to be both.Unless you are a double agent spy- you suck at it. So stop.

Show those proverbial true colors. Come out the proverbial closet.

Then, send me a friend request.

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